Turkish Liaison Office Formation is Easy

For businesses seeking to establish a presence in Turkey without engaging in commercial activities, setting up a Turkish liaison office can be a strategic choice. A Turkish liaison office, also known as a representative office, serves as a valuable platform for foreign companies to conduct research, explore market opportunities, and foster relationships with Turkish entities.

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We provide comprehensive insights into the formation of a Turkish liaison office, including the applicable laws and regulations, duration and procedures, associated costs, and the significance of legal support.

Understanding Turkish Liaison Office Formation

Setting up a Turkish liaison office allows foreign businesses to strategically explore market opportunities and build crucial relationships with Turkish entities. Benefit from our experienced CPAs’ expertise to navigate the legal complexities and ensure a seamless, compliant, and cost-effective process.

Laws and Regulations

The formation of a Turkish liaison office is governed by various laws and regulations in Turkey. The primary legislation is the “Regulation on the Amendment to the Regulation on the Implementation of Foreign Direct Investment Law,” which outlines the requirements, eligibility criteria, and limitations for establishing a liaison office. The legal framework ensures transparency and accountability while protecting the interests of both the foreign company and the Turkish market.

Additionally, foreign companies must comply with the Turkish Commercial Code and other relevant laws pertaining to company establishment and operations. Adherence to these laws is vital to ensure a smooth and lawful process of setting up a liaison office in Turkey.

Duration and Procedures

The process of forming a Turkish liaison office involves several procedural steps. Typically, the entire duration from application to final registration can take between 1 to 2 months, depending on various factors, including the efficiency of document preparation and the government’s processing time.

The general procedures for establishing a Turkish liaison office include:

  1. Preparing and notarizing the required documents, including the official application letter, power of attorney, and company documents.
  2. Submitting the application to the Turkish Ministry of Trade, the primary authority responsible for overseeing the establishment of liaison offices.
  3. The Ministry will review the application and assess its conformity with the relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Upon approval, the foreign company must register the liaison office with the local Trade Registry Office.
  5. Post-registration, the office must also obtain a tax identification number and fulfill other administrative obligations.
Turkish Liaison Office Formation

Cost of Turkish Liaison Office Formation

The costs associated with forming a Turkish liaison office vary depending on several factors, such as the scope of activities, the size of the office, and professional service fees. Some of the common expenses include government application fees, notarization fees, translation fees, and fees for legal assistance.

While the expenses may vary, it is essential to note that establishing a liaison office can be a cost-effective solution for foreign companies seeking to explore the Turkish market before fully committing to more substantial investments.

Lawyer Services for Turkish Liaison Office Formation

Navigating the legal intricacies of establishing a Turkish liaison office can be complex and time-consuming. Engaging the services of experienced CPAs who specialize in Turkish business and company formation can significantly streamline the process and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Qualified CPAs can provide invaluable assistance in:

  1. Reviewing and preparing the necessary documents to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  2. Offering expert advice on legal matters related to the liaison office’s formation and operations.
  3. Representing the foreign company before Turkish authorities during the application process.
  4. Providing ongoing legal support for the liaison office’s compliance with Turkish laws and regulations.

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Establishing a Turkish liaison office can open doors to numerous opportunities in the Turkish market without engaging in commercial activities. Understanding the laws, procedures, costs, and the importance of legal counsel in this process is crucial for a successful and compliant venture.

At Companixa CPA, our team of skilled company formation CPAs specializes in assisting foreign companies with Turkish liaison office formation, ensuring a seamless and efficient process that aligns with Turkish legal requirements.

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