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Limited Company

Setting up a limited company involves forming a business entity with limited liability for its shareholders. This service assists in establishing a legal structure that offers protection to shareholders’ personal assets while enabling them to conduct business in Turkey.

Joint Stock Company

A joint stock company is a type of business entity in Turkey where ownership is represented by shares of stock. This service involves establishing a joint stock company, which offers advantages such as shared ownership and limited liability

Free Zone Company

A free zone company operates within designated areas in Turkey that offer various incentives and tax benefits. This service involves setting up a business entity within these zones to take advantage of favorable conditions for trade and investment.

Branch Office

Establishing a branch office allows a foreign company to conduct business in Turkey under its own name. It operates as an extension of the parent company and is subject to Turkish regulations.

Liaison Office

A liaison office serves as a representative office of a foreign company in Turkey. It engages in market research, promotion, and communication activities on behalf of the parent company without engaging in commercial activities.

General Trade Company

A general trade company refers to the formation of a company engaged in general trading activities, importing, exporting, and distributing goods within Turkey or internationally. It can be formed as a limited or joint stock company.

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Buying a business service involves acquiring an existing business entity in Turkey, including its assets, liabilities, and operations, enabling you to enter the Turkish market quickly.

Obtaining a tax number is essential for conducting business activities in Turkey. This service assists individuals or entities in obtaining a tax identification number required for tax registration and compliance purposes.

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Our additional services

By choosing Companixa, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and support, ensuring that your company not only meets legal requirements but also thrives in the competitive marketplace. Let us be your partner in growth and prosperity.

Nominee services involve appointing individuals or entities to represent another person or company. In Turkey, this can involve appointing nominees for directorship or shareholdership to ensure privacy or comply with regulations.

Bank account opening service facilitates the opening of a bank account in Turkey for personal use or business purposes. It ensures compliance with banking regulations and assists in choosing the right bank and account type to suit your business needs.

A shelf company, also known as a ready-made company, is a pre-registered company that has no trading history. This service offers the acquisition of a pre-existing company to expedite the process of starting operations in Turkey without going through the formal company formation process.

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