How to Find Nominee Shareholders in Turkey?

In order to navigate the complex legal framework and maximize operational flexibility, many companies opt for the utilization of nominee shareholders in Turkey. Nominee shareholders play a significant role in the business landscape in Turkey, particularly after Russia and Ukraine conflict started.

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This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of nominee shareholders in Turkey, exploring their definition, legal framework, benefits, and considerations for businesses.

In Turkey, a nominee shareholder refers to an individual or entity that holds shares on behalf of another person or entity, the beneficial owner. The nominee shareholder’s name appears on the official corporate records and registers, while the beneficial owner retains the rights and benefits associated with the shares.

The legal framework governing nominee shareholders in Turkey is primarily guided by the Turkish Commercial Code, as well as the Capital Markets Law and other relevant regulations. These regulations outline the rights and responsibilities of nominee shareholders, ensuring transparency and accountability within the corporate structure.

Nominee Shareholders in Turkey

Benefits of Utilizing Nominee Shareholders

  1. Confidentiality and Privacy: One of the key advantages of nominee shareholders is the preservation of confidentiality. By employing a nominee shareholder, the beneficial owner can shield their identity from public disclosure, safeguarding their privacy and minimizing potential risks associated with personal exposure.
  2. Flexibility in Ownership Structures: Nominee shareholders provide businesses with greater flexibility in structuring their ownership. This can be particularly beneficial for foreign investors, allowing them to establish a presence in Turkey without the need to disclose their identities publicly, facilitating investment while maintaining control over the company.
  3. Simplified Ownership Transfers: Nominee shareholders can streamline the process of transferring ownership. When a beneficial owner decides to sell their shares, the transfer can be executed by transferring the rights and obligations of the nominee shareholder, without the need for complex procedures associated with changes in beneficial ownership.

Considerations and Regulatory Compliance

While the use of nominee shareholders offers advantages, businesses must adhere to legal and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance. Here are some considerations for companies considering nominee shareholders in Turkey:

  1. Compliance with Reporting Obligations: Nominee shareholders must comply with reporting obligations and provide accurate information about the beneficial owner to relevant authorities. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in legal consequences, including fines and reputational damage.
  2. Transparent Corporate Governance: Even with nominee shareholders, it is essential to maintain transparent corporate governance practices. Directors and officers should act in the best interests of the beneficial owner, ensuring proper decision-making processes, and upholding fiduciary duties.
  3. Anti-Money Laundering Measures: Turkey has implemented stringent anti-money laundering regulations to combat illicit financial activities. Businesses utilizing nominee shareholders should implement robust due diligence procedures and know-your-customer (KYC) protocols to mitigate the risk of involvement in money laundering or other unlawful activities.

Finding a Nominee Shareholders in Turkey

Nominee shareholders serve as valuable tools for businesses operating in Turkey, offering confidentiality, flexibility in ownership structures, and simplified ownership transfers. However, it is crucial for companies to understand and adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements surrounding nominee shareholders to ensure compliance and minimize risks.

By striking a balance between operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, businesses can effectively leverage nominee shareholders to navigate the complexities of the Turkish business landscape.

Unlock business flexibility and protect confidentiality in Turkey with nominee shareholders. Learn the legal framework, benefits, and simplify ownership transfers. Maximize your operational potential today.

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