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How to Set up a Company Branch in Turkey?

Expanding business operations and establishing a company branch in Turkey can be a strategic move towards growth and international presence. In recent years, Turkey has emerged as an attractive destination for foreign investors due to its strategic location, dynamic economy, and favorable business environment.

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Our team aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to form a company branch in Turkey, outlining the key steps, legal requirements, and practical considerations.

Steps to Form a Company Branch in Turkey

Are you looking to expand your business to Turkey? Establishing a company branch in Turkey can unlock lucrative growth opportunities in a dynamic market. Benefit from strategic guidance, streamlined procedures, and expert insights to navigate the process with confidence.

The Ultimate Guide to Forming a Company Branch in Turkey

Before initiating the process of forming a company branch in Turkey, it is crucial to understand the legal framework governing foreign investments. Turkey provides a transparent and investor-friendly legal environment through its Commercial Code and Foreign Direct Investment Law. Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and seek professional advice to ensure compliance.

Choose the Appropriate Business Structure

In Turkey, foreign investors can establish a company branch through two primary structures: a liaison office or a branch office. A liaison office is mainly engaged in market research, promoting products/services, and representing the parent company, whereas a branch office can conduct commercial activities on behalf of the parent company. Choose the structure that aligns with your business objectives and operational requirements.

Select a Business Name

Selecting an appropriate business name is an essential step in forming a company branch. The chosen name should comply with the Turkish Commercial Code, be unique, and not infringe upon any existing trademarks. Conduct a thorough search to ensure the availability of your preferred name and register it with the relevant authorities.

Having a representative in Turkey who can act as a liaison between the parent company and the branch office is crucial. This individual should possess knowledge of local business practices, culture, and legal requirements. Additionally, engaging a legal advisor who specializes in Turkish corporate law will ensure compliance and provide guidance throughout the establishment process.

Required Documents for a Company Branch in Turkey

To establish a company branch in Turkey, certain documents must be prepared, including:

  • Notarized and apostilled copies of the parent company’s Articles of Association and Trade Registry Gazette
  • A power of attorney granted to the branch’s representative
  • Financial statements of the parent company
  • A business plan outlining the proposed activities of the branch office

Register Company Branch in Turkey with the Trade Registry

Registering the company branch with the Turkish Trade Registry is a critical step. Submit the required documents to the relevant Trade Registry Office and pay the necessary fees. Once approved, you will receive a branch registration number, allowing you to commence operations legally.

Fulfill Tax and Reporting Obligations

Ensure compliance with tax and reporting obligations in Turkey. This includes obtaining a tax identification number, registering for social security, and fulfilling annual reporting requirements. Familiarize yourself with the Turkish tax system and seek professional assistance to ensure adherence to local regulations.

Consider Employment and Labor Regulations

If your branch office plans to hire employees in Turkey, it is crucial to understand local employment and labor regulations. Familiarize yourself with the Turkish Labor Law, including provisions on employment contracts, working hours, and employee benefits. Complying with these regulations will foster positive employee relations and ensure a smooth operational transition.

Aims for Establishing a Company Branch in Turkey

Establishing a company branch in Turkey can be a rewarding venture for foreign businesses seeking growth opportunities in a dynamic market. By understanding the legal framework, selecting an appropriate business structure, and fulfilling all necessary requirements, you can navigate the establishment process successfully.

However, it is advisable to engage Companixa’s legal and financial professionals familiar with Turkish corporate law to ensure compliance and maximize the chances of a successful market entry.

With careful planning, due diligence, and a comprehensive understanding of local regulations, your company can establish a successful branch in Turkey and leverage the country’s strategic advantages for long-term success.

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We understand the importance of personalized attention and tailor-made solutions, and we look forward to discussing your specific business goals to provide you with the most effective legal and tax strategies.

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