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How to Change Company Address in Turkey?

To change company address in Turkey is a significant undertaking that demands meticulous planning and adherence to legal procedures. Whether prompted by expansion, cost optimization, or strategic positioning, a well-executed address change can enhance business prospects and streamline operations.

Table of Contents

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the step-by-step process to change a company’s address in Turkey while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Steps to Change Company Address in Turkey

Optimize your company’s operations in Turkey with a seamless address change. Our comprehensive guide ensures compliance with legal requirements as you relocate your business. From understanding the legal framework to updating the Articles of Association, our step-by-step approach streamlines the process.

Before embarking on the address change process, it is crucial to comprehend the legal framework governing such actions in Turkey. The Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) Articles 30-37 outline the pertinent regulations related to changing a company’s address. Familiarizing yourself with these provisions will ensure a smooth and legally compliant transition.

How to Change Company Address in Turkey

Update the Articles of Association

The first step in the address change process is to update the company’s Articles of Association to reflect the new address. This involves drafting an amendment to the Articles of Association and obtaining notarization for the revised document. The updated Articles of Association should then be submitted to the relevant authorities.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

Ensure that all required documents are meticulously prepared before proceeding with the address change process. The essential documents include:

  • A formal request signed by an authorized representative, indicating the intention to change the company’s address.
  • The updated Articles of Association with notarization.
  • A copy of the new lease agreement or property ownership documents validating the new address.
  • A revised signature circular if the address change necessitates modifications to the authorized signatories.

Notarization and Translation

All submitted documents must be notarized by a Turkish notary public. Additionally, if any document is in a language other than Turkish, an official Turkish translation must accompany it. Ensuring the accuracy and legality of the documents will prevent unnecessary delays during the address change process.

Company Address Change Submission to Trade Registry

Visit the local Trade Registry Office where the company is registered and submit the notarized documents along with a completed application form for the address change. It is advisable to verify that all required documents are organized and complete, facilitating a swift application process.

Publication in Trade Registry Gazette

Upon submission, the Trade Registry Office will review the application and subsequently publish the address change in the Trade Registry Gazette. This public notification is a crucial step, as it allows interested parties to be informed of the address change.

Notify Relevant Institutions

After the address change is officially registered in the Trade Registry Gazette, it is essential to notify various institutions and authorities of the company’s new address. These may include tax offices, social security institutions, banks, and other relevant entities. Each institution will have specific requirements for updating company information, and diligent communication is essential to ensure compliance.

Obtain Updated Certificates

Once the address change is finalized, the company must obtain updated certificates and documents reflecting the new address. These include the updated Trade Registry Certificate, tax registration certificate, and other relevant permits or licenses.

Changing Company Address in Turkey

Changing a company’s address in Turkey is a significant undertaking that demands meticulous preparation and adherence to legal regulations. By following this comprehensive guide, businesses can navigate the process efficiently while ensuring compliance with the Turkish Commercial Code.

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