Turkish Free Trade Zone Company Formation

Turkish Free Trade Zone Company Formation

At Companixa, our experienced team of legal professionals is dedicated to assisting you in navigating the complexities of Turkish free trade zone company formation. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored…

Turkish Franchising Lawyers: Expert Team

Turkish Franchising Lawyers

At Companixa Law Firm, we take pride in being your premier choice for franchise legal services in Turkey. Our team of experienced and skilled Turkish franchising lawyers is dedicated to…

Turkish Company Registration: Excellent Service

Turkish Company Registration

Our lawyers are prepared to assist with your Turkish company registration. Our company formation lawyers are experienced in establishing a limited company, joint stock company, holding company, branch office, liaison…

Turkish Litigation Lawyers: Excellent Team

Turkish Litigation Lawyers

When legal battles arise in Turkey, securing victory demands more than knowledge—it requires a strategic ally. At Companixa Law Firm, our distinguished team of Turkish litigation lawyers navigates the intricate…

Turkish Limited Liability Company Formation Tips

Turkish Limited Liability Company Formation

Our company formation lawyers guide you through the process of forming a Turkish limited liability company (LLC) formation. As a leading legal service provider in Turkey, we understand the importance…

Turkish Liaison Office Formation is Easy

Turkish Liaison Office Formation

For businesses seeking to establish a presence in Turkey without engaging in commercial activities, setting up a Turkish liaison office can be a strategic choice. A Turkish liaison office, also…

Successful Turkish Debt Recovery Lawyers

Turkish Debt Recovery Lawyers

Companixa Law Firm is a leading legal establishment specializing in debt recovery services in Turkey. With a team of highly skilled and experienced Turkish debt recovery lawyers, we provide expert…

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